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Services We Provide

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning  Services



HVAC/R Service List 


· System trouble shooting and repair,

· Seasonal or annual maintenance,

· Replacement of existing equipment,

· New installation in unconditioned spaces,

· Energy efficiency enhancements,

· Large facility systems analysis.



“What To Expect”


When we arrive / depart your home or business, you will receive:


· A photocopy of our State License and our insurance certificate,

· a summary of your system’s design values including the approximate date of manufacture and the cooling or heating capacity of your system (Note: Where the air handler is elevated and not part of the serviced components or in the attic, the outdoor unit will serve as the system information source),

·  a cost and time estimate to make the repair before the repair starts,

· a list of any items that are still under warranty,

· a completed warranty card for your delivery to the Manufacturer to ensure you get the warranty that you paid for.

· an estimate on the remaining useful life of important system components based on the original system’s information and site conditions,

· and a recommendation on proactive repairs where a component has outlived its anticipated useful life by more than 12 months.


You can keep the broken parts if you want. We want all of our customers to know that when we say a part is bad, it is bad.  I hate to say it, but some of our competitors, by their conduct resemble used car salesmen more than they resemble professionals.


We provide the above information for you to review and have a good idea of what condition your system is in.


NEW parts incorporated into the Work will have the original manufacturer’s warranty for part’s replacement.



Trouble-Shooting Your System


We can service any residential or commercial HVAC or refrigeration system. It doesn’t matter if your system is older or brand new, the principles of operation are the same no matter who the manufacturer is.  One manufacturer may have a proprietary control card or other device, but an HVAC/Refrigeration system simply adds or removes heat from a space and puts it in a different area.


What does matter during the trouble-shooting of your system is the process used to diagnose the problem and correct the issue the first time.  We use top of the line trouble shooting flow charts and analyzing tools to accurately check the system, repair the system, and re-establish the system’s operation as soon as possible.


Many of our competitors and their agents blame 90% of a system’s faults on refrigerant leaks or compressor failure.  These do occur but not nearly as often as they are claimed.  More than 75% of repair calls are associated with electrical or control elements of the system.


Don’t trust your system to just anyone.  We will fix your system, not mask the current problem and have a call back in two weeks or two months to fix another problem.



Seasonal or Annual Maintenance


We can provide any seasonal maintenance you need for your system.  Here are some tips to consider before you proceed with any service provider.


For approximately 80% of the residential systems in Florida, the most important maintenance procedures we recommend addresses two components; The condenser coil and the evaporator coil.  These two items will cause your system to run longer if they are dirty or obstructed in any way.


If your system is operating and does not have a leak, you need to clean those two coils once a year if you replace your inside air return filter once a month and keep plants and debris away from your outdoor unit. The air that blows across the inside and outside units must contact the coil surface or efficiency is reduced.


If your system does not have a leak, turns on and off by using the indoor thermostat, is properly charged, and keeps you cool in the summer & warm in the winter, there is little a Contractor can do to “check” your system.  90% of the other components are electrical controls or motors and either work or don’t work.



Replacement of Existing Equipment


In some circumstances, you existing unit may be breaking down regularly, may not be providing adequate cooling or heating for your home after a new addition, or may just be old and you don’t want it to break down on a Friday afternoon when a replacement can’t be picked up until Monday morning.


In those circumstances, you may want to replace your existing system. This is where things get tricky for the consumer.  You read advertisements that say a complete 3 ton unit can installed for $2500.00.  You hear a friend talk about the system they just put in and it cost them $9800.00 for a 3 ton unit.


There are many variables that will contribute to price differences.  The product Manufacturer, the installing company’s overhead and profit needs, the ability of the installer’s crews to select a properly sized system for your home, the ability of the installer’s crews to properly set up the system for your home, and many other factors.


Price is a driving force in most consumer purchases and likely makes up 80% of the decision criteria.  The only problem is that if you are sold the wrong sized unit for the very best price and it fails to condition your space, it is no longer a value, it is a headache.


It should take your prospective Contractor at least 1.5 hours to assess a 2500 SF home’s construction and condition to determine the proper size system for your space.  The following should be taken into consideration:


· The building’s exposure,

· Exterior wall construction including the type of insulation,

· 1st floor foundation (slab on grade, pedestal with wood frame, etc),

· Floor insulation,

· Each room’s size,

· Exterior windows type and thermal efficiency,

· The type of roof and even the type & color of the roofing materials,

· The insulation in the attic,

· The condition of the duct system and how it is insulated,

· Areas of shade and when the building gets the shade,

· The location of the condenser and evaporator,

· On multi-story homes, the placement of the return

· And other factors


Ask you friends or colleagues if the company that evaluated their last replacement system did his homework.  Most don’t.  It is easier for a Contractor to get a unit, slap it in, and be done in less than a day to reap the most profit. After the system is installed, the Contractor can blame any poor performance on something that he thinks the consumer knows nothing about and will believe anything the Contractor says.


Our business model is to make sure our clients know that if it comes from our Representatives, any recommendation is backed up by a best practices checklist.  We will install the properly sized system in your facility and set it up using the latest standards and best practices to make sure it works best for your specific application.



New Installation in Unconditioned Spaces


You have a home or building that has never had an air conditioning system in it or the entire system is so dilapidated, even the ductwork needs removal and replacement.


As Mechanical Contractors, our capabilities exceed that of the average HVAC installation company. 


In today’s energy use and cost minded economy, we will determine an efficient system for your home or business.  We make a recommendation on which insulation, HVAC system, or duct system modification will best benefit you.


It is important to know that new and properly insulation including closed cell polyurethane foam insulation can significantly reduce the size the “air conditioner” your space will require.  It may switch your need from a 3.5 ton system to a 2.5 ton system.  That is a long term investment and if done properly, a big money saver for your home or business.



Energy Efficiency Enhancements 


Energy efficiency doesn’t just mean installing a higher SEER rated air conditioning system.  It can include insulation, solar devices, and “de-superheating” (which means you get free or nearly free hot water and your air conditioner runs more efficiently).


As a Certified Mechanical Contractor, our firm is required to know more and do more for you than a Florida licensed Certified Air Conditioning Contractor. We have special skills that are required to obtain certain rebates (including duct work analysis to document leakage that can adversely affect your energy efficiency). 


As certified General Contractors and Mechanical Contractor’s, we can review your current conditions, determine your goals and objectives, and design a system that meets your needs and budget.  We design based on what will give you the biggest bang for your buck, not our wallet.  If we can supply you with a smaller A/C system with the addition of insulation or other improvements, your costs to operate and stay cool will be reduced.



Large Facility Systems Analysis


If you have a facility over 10,000 SF, you know the cost to cool, heat, and light these facilities is not cheap.


We can assess your facility and recommend improvements that may include something as simple as changing control devices that operate your HVAC systems at higher efficiencies than when they when new.



Air Industries can provide your Home or Business with unparalleled value.  Give us a chance to change how you view your service providers.




Residential or Commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)


Commercial Refrigeration


Insulation or other Thermal Barriers


Energy Efficiency Enhancements


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