Text Box: FACT:  “$49.00 specials” or “$49.00 tune ups” are marketing gimmicks competitors use to get customers to call and then after they arrive, “up sell” other services that you may or may not need.  Let’s look at this objectively, is a Contractor really going to fuel a vehicle, pay insurance, pay his technician ($17.50 w/benefits) round trip to travel to your location, buy the refrigerant, hook up his equipment, properly diagnose your system, and do all of this for $49.00 or less and still make money?  You know the words your grandparents used to say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
FACT:  In some cases, simply adding or removing “gas” (refrigerant) will get you a quick fix on your cooling or heating problem.  If your system needs refrigerant added, it was improperly charged during the initial setup or has a leak.  Adding refrigerant to a leaking system guarantees the Contractor a return visit and another payment from you.  Repair the leak.

MYTH: Having frost on the outside unit means my system is really cold and working good. FACT:   Frost on the outside unit means that your system is either improperly charged or other parts of your system need to be inspected. It could be a dirty filter on the return air supply, a dirty evaporator, or other issues.

MYTH: A bigger unit than what is actually required is better for my house, it will cool down faster.
        FACT:   An oversized unit may start and stop often and shorten the systems vital component’s useful life. Example, the compressor starts and stops more often. This puts additional wear on “Start” capacitors, electrical contacts, additional energy consumption used during start cycles, etc.  

       In addition, with shorter “run cycles”, your system may not remove enough humidity and may leave your home feeling clammy. 

MYTH:  Your warranty is void if you do not use the  “Installer’s” company to make repairs on your system.  
        FACT:   Unless such warranty language is in your MANUFACTURER’s information        booklet, it is likely an attempt by the installer to guarantee repair work on a system that may or may not have been set up properly.

MYTH:  You can save money by letting a Contractor put refrigerant into your system that was recovered from a different system.
	FACT:    It is illegal and against EPA regulations to use recovered refrigerant from one system in a different Owner’s system.  Exception: Under certain circumstances, when an Owner has multiple units and elects to reuse refrigerant recovered from his own units, the recovered refrigerant may be reused.

	Our business model is to make sure our clients know that if it comes from our Representative’s, it is a solid recommendation that would used for his own family if he was in the same circumstances.  Our service and your  endorsement is our best hope to gain more customers and earn repeat business.

FACT:    These are the efficiencies of different systems for heating. Efficiency is rated on BTUs per unit input.  You need to determine how much of each fuel/power costs for example 100,000 BTUs.
	You then calculate the cost (including all taxes, fees, surcharges, etc.) for each fuel or power input.

	The table below is supplied by the US Department of Energy website @ http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/space_heating_cooling/index.cfm/mytopic=12330

Table 2: Estimated Average Fuel Conversion Efficiency of Common Heating

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