About Us & How We Operate

Text Box: We are a Florida State Licensed General and Mechanical Contractor providing HVAC, Refrigeration, Insulation, and Energy Efficiency Improvement services to public and private clients.

Our business model is to make sure our clients know that if it comes from our Representatives, it is a solid recommendation that would be used for our family/business if we were in the same circumstances.  Our service and your  endorsement is our best hope to gain more customers and earn repeat business.

We only employ clean and courteous staff.  Each technician, mechanic, or foreman will be competent and will accurately assess your system and make a recommendation or repair.

While we acknowledge and applaud that America is a melting pot of different nationalities that help to make us a strong and vibrant nation, we only employ U.S. citizens or legal residents.

We strive to employ local residents or use local businesses when we need the services of an outside service provider for specialty work.

We enjoy helping our clients with their projects.  Each client will get 1st rate service if Air Industries, Inc. agrees to take on the task. 

We will always seek the best price on parts to help you save money.  Unfortunately, part  availability & timeliness of the repair is usually more important to our clients, so we will get the best priced part for the best turn around time on a repair. Proprietary parts that only a Manufacturer can provide are rarely cheap or received quickly.  We will notify you of the options when possible and allow you to make any decisions when you request.

The State of Florida and our Insurer’s require us to use contracts and provide certain notices to you or your business to protect your rights as a consumer, to protect our firm’s rights as “Mechanics”, and to limit liability.  Notices and contracts are all State of Florida compliant.

We look forward to providing you or your firm service that is far above your expectation.


Anthony Galvez, President

Air-Conditioning, Insulation, & Refrigeration is how we spell “AIR”

Air Industries, Inc.


To contact us:



25346 Geddy Drive

Land O Lakes, FL 34639


Phone: (813) 434-5032

Fax: (813) 642-6375

Email: info@cdynac.com